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Visual Poetry invarious forms

Videography – Cinematography - Photography




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1.           Professional  Experience


Feature Films

2019-2022       'Mykonian Pastoral' Feature film / Documentary by Eliana Abravanel

2018                     ‘Defunkt’ Feature Film / Fiction, by Zaharias Mavroeidis

                               Distributed February 2020

2016-2017        ‘Singers’ Feature film / Documentary , by Fofo Terzidou

2015-2016         ‘Across her Body’’Feature film / Documentary , by Zaharias Mavroeidis

                               Distributed January 2019

2014                    ‘Enchanted Beats’ Feature film / Doky-fiction ,by James Rosalind, Maria Mitsopoulou

2010                    ‘Immigrants and Workplaces’ Documentary ,25’ by Kostas Stamatopoulos


2009                   ‘The Guide’ Feature Film / Fiction , 90’ , byZaharias Mavroeidis

                                DistributedNovember-December 2011 – 2films 4 athens

Short Films

2016                    ‘Liebe’ Short film / Fiction , by Yiannis Kolios

                               ‘Destruction of Dude’  Short film/ Queerporn,  by Lo-Fi Cherry

2013                    ‘Pictures of March’ Short film / Fiction 23’ , byFrancisco J. Nicolas Ruy-Diaz

                               ‘Birds of Paradise’ Short film /Fiction 5’ , by Craig McGuigan

                                Documentary for Berlin Music Video Awards 2013

                               ‘Immigrants in Europe’ Tv-ShowTrailer , by Rania Majed

2011                    ‘Refund Office’ Short film / Fiction, 11’,   by Katerina Koliaraki

                               ‘Saligaros’ Short film / Fiction   by Giannis Haritidis

2010                   ‘Beautiful Dirt’ Short film /Fiction, 11’ by Kostis Kontogeorgos

                              ‘Lazy Boy’ Short film / Fiction , 10’by LiaTamviskou

                               ‘Chef A La Place Du Chef’ Short film /Fiction , 8’ by Euthimios Kosemund Sanidis

2008                  ‘Small Pleasures’ Short film / Fiction ,5’ , by Constantin Pilavios

                                Distributed by Village Films with thefeature film ‘Bank  Bang’

                                ‘We’ll see’ Short film / Fiction , 9’ by Teo Babouris

2007                    ‘What Is That?’ Short film / Fiction, 5’ by Constantin Pilavios

                                Distributed by Village Films with thefeature film ‘The Kiss of Life’

2007                    ‘The Seriesonlineseries of self-existent short filmsbased on stories by blogs

                                  7 episodes by Constantin Pilavios

2005                     ‘TheTrojan Guy’ Short film / Fiction, 16mm , 10’ by Alexander Leontaritis


2012                         ErasmusInternational Viral Commercial for ‘American College’

                                  ‘Crowne Plaza Hotel’ Internet Commercial – ‘The Agent’

2008                       ‘ToyotaiQ unboxing’ Viral Internet campaign for Toyota

                                   Agency:OgilvyOne, Athens

                                  "Mime"Viral Internet campaign  for Vodafone

                                   Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Love @first Site’ Interactive Love Story

                                   Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Livefeeds3’ Viral Internet campaign  forVodafone

                                   Agency:OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘How to Become a Millionaire’ InternetBanner Campaign for Peiraios Bank

                                   Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Akazoo SPEC’ Internet BannerCampaign SPEC for akazoo.gr

                                  Agency: Zen Team, Athens , Creatives: SPOC studio

2007                      ‘TheOld Year is Gone’ ChristmasViral Internet Campaign forVodafone

                                   Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Soprano’ Video Banner Campaign forVodafone

                                   Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Vodafone OSFP’ Viral Campaign for the competition of Vodafone andOlympiakos

                                   Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                    ‘Vichy Homme World’ Video for thenew Vichy Homme’s website

                                    Agency: BoldOgilvy

                                    ‘Feeling Out of Place?’ VideoBanner for Holmes Place health clubs


                                   Openings Interamerican.gr’ Video Banner forInteramerican

                                     Agency:OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Moneyat the Moment’ Viral Internet campaign for Peiraios Bank

                                    Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens

                                   ‘Livefeeds2.0’ Viral Internet campaign  forVodafone

                                    Agency:OgilvyOne, Athens

                                     ‘Livefeeds’ViralInternet campaign forVodafone

                                     Agency:OgilvyOne, Athens

Video Clip

20011                       Ilias Pantoleon – Rebicycling

                                    ‘‘Kites’’ –Anu

2007                       Domna Kountouri – Panta Meno

                                   ”Balance Games”  - Heaven Music


2013                      ‘DarkMatters’ Lilith-Viktorija Valsø Clothes, video byJiannis Kollios

Live Events

2021                      Making of ‘7th Tinos World Music Festival’+ trailer

2018                      Making of ‘6th Tinos World Music Festival’+ trailer

2017                      Making of ‘5th Tinos World Music Festival’+ trailer

2014                      Directionof Video Coverage for Berlin Music VideoAwards 2014

2013                       Directionof Video Coverage for Berlin Music VideoAwards 2013

2006                     ‘2’ by Dimitris Papaioannou part ofVideo Coverage

2005                     Making off  rodos Ecofilms 2005

2004                     Making off  rodos Ecofilms 2004

2002                     Making off Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

Direction/ Videography

Short Films

2020                   ‘Ai – Eternal Blue’ Documentary, 11min

                               Screened at Sumida HokusaiMuseum, Japan

                               with the installation ‘The Color Of Phenomenon’ by George Stamatakis

2016                    ‘Pass The Ammunition’ Animated movie

                                Presented at Tuyap International art fair, Istanbul

2006                  ‘Dehiscence’ Experimental DIY Animated movie , 20 min

                               (Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Αnimation)

2005                   ‘In the Red jaws of Death’ Short film / Fiction,16mm , 5 min

                               (Direction, Cinematography,Editing)


2022                   ‘Durational-Site Specific PerformanceVideoPerformance at OrizontasGegonotwn

                               with Axaireutos, Giorgos Efthimiou and Anosia

                               ‘SuperSport’  Video Performance Series at Eleonas withANOSIA

                               ‘It’smy Life’ Promo Video for Alcatraz Athens Strip Show’

2021                    ‘Wandering inOvertone’ video around ‘Overtone’ excibition by painter G. Stamatakis at Paxos Festival2021

                               ‘Observingthe Color of Phenomenon’ video on ‘Color of Phenomenon’ instalation

2021                    Trailerfor ‘7th Tinos World MusicFestival’

2018                    Trailerfor ‘6th Tinos World MusicFestival’

2017                    Trailerfor ‘5th Tinos World MusicFestival’  

Video Installations for Theater Plays

2010                   ‘Apt Pupil’  by Zafeiris Haitidis

                             Theater  based on the book of the same name by StephenKing.

2008                 ‘S.L.V.  -Sex,Lies and Videotapes’  by Kostis Bassogiannis

                             Theater  based on the film of the same name by StevenSoderbergh.

                             (Silentperson with camera (Zoe) , live camera , video instalations)

Live Events Coverage – MakingOff

2021                  Making of ‘7th Tinos World Music Festival’+ trailer

2018                  Making of ‘6th Tinos World Music Festival’+ trailer

2017                  Making of ‘5th Tinos World Music Festival’+ trailer

2014                  Directionof Video Coverage for Berlin Music VideoAwards 2014

2013                  Directionof Video Coverage for Berlin Music VideoAwards 2013

2006                ‘2’ by Dimitris PapaioannouVideo Coverage

2005                Making off  rodos Ecofilms 2005

2004                Making off  rodos Ecofilms 2004

2003                Making off Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

Art andResearch

2022                 ‘What makes me wet’

                             GroupExhibition in Lalalava, Athens

2014-2015     ‘Containers as Social Landscape’

                             VideoPresentation and Photo Exhibition in Istanbul, Athens, London, Lesvos



2009                ‘You my Mirror’ Feature Film, Documentary by Lucia Rikaki

2006                ‘Unitas’ Feature Film,Fiction ,75’ ,by Kostis Bassogiannis

                            (Camera , Assistant Director)

2006               ‘The Cup’ Short film /Fiction, 16mm , 8’ by Yiannis Bougioukas

                            Distributedwith the feature film ‘Ourania’


2009                ‘If YouLove Me’

                            Pld productions , 5 episodes



2004               ‘LeCoocoo’ Short film / Fiction, 16mm by Nikos Vouteniotis

                           Honorary award actor AndreasVarouhas

                            “They Live Among Us” Documentary , 34’ by Nikos Zoiopoulos

2003               FragilebyNikos Vouteniotis Short film / Fiction, 16mm



2006-2007     Honorable Cheated’ by MirnaTsapa

                                Ata productions, 30 episodes

2005-2006     ‘Quicksand’ by Mirna Tsapa

                                 Pldproductions , 32 episodes


2005                   “ValseSentimentale” by Constantina Voulgaris  Feature Film, Fiction

2.           Education

2010                    Plug-in (Balchik)

                               Training courses founded by the EU ‘Youth in Action’Programme

2000-2005      FilmAnd Tv Studies   New York College(Athens)

                                Script ,Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Animation

3.           Festivals - Awards

Berlinale TalentCampus #10 , 2012

‘Dehiscence’ (Direction)

2ndbest Greek film - Ecofilms Rodos International Film & Visual ArtsFestival 2007

Honorary music award - Athens Fantasy film festival 2007

Drama Short Film Festival 2006

Athens Psarokokalofilm festival 2007

Defunct  (Direction ofPhotography)

Best Full-Length Feature Film Award, KineNova FilmFestival 2020 Awards

Fischer Audience Award – Best Movie Award of Youth ,Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2019

Across her Body (Direction ofPhotography)

Thessaloniki International Documentary festival 2018

NYC GreekFilm Festival


BurgasInternational Film Festival  (Specialrecognition)

‘The Guide’ (Direction of Photography)

24 image+nation:Montreal International LGBT Film Festival

Inside Out  TorontoLGBT film and video festival 2011

1st Greek film festival Chicago

51st Thessaloniki international filmfestival 2010

‘Chef A La Place Du Chef’ (Directionof Photography)

Sarajevo Talent Campus #5 2011

Berlinale Talent Campus #9 2011
Thessaloniki International Short Fim Festival 2010

‘What Is That’ (Direction of Photography)

Drama international short film festival 2007 - Greek State award of Quality 2007

‘Small Pleasures’ (Direction of Photography)

Best Greek short film - 1st Kos international health film festival2008

Athens Psarokokalofilm festival 2009

Diversity festival in Athens 2011

‘RefundOffice’ (Directionof Photography)

Special Prize for contemporary SocialMessage  -  Larisa Short Film Festival

‘Love@first Site’ (Direction of Photography)

Gold Award in the BrandedContent category of IAB'sMIXX Awards 2009 in New York

Bronze Award in theInternational category ofMIXX Awards 2009

Bronze World Medal in theConfections / Snacks category of the New York Festivals 2009

Honors at the Webby Awards2009

Favourite Webside Award"FWA"

Advertising Age's "Idea of the Week"

3 Grand Ermis 2009 (Direct , Web , Intergrated Campaign )

5 Gold Ermis Awards 2009 (Direct -Business to Consumer, Websites & Microsites, Web Games , Viral Campaigns ,Integrated Online Campaign )

Bronze Ermis Media (Internet)

(Direction of Photography)

 Best International – Gold , ΜΙΧΧ Awards 2008

3rd Award - Telecommunications / Technology / Other Consumables, Effie Hellas 2008

Silver World Medal  - Best Viral Advertising Campaign ,New York Festivals 2008

Grand Ermis 2007 – Web

4 Gold Ermis 2007  ( Websites Telecom , Viral , IntegratedOnline Campaigns , Interactive Marketing)

Ermis Direct Innovation Award 2007

‘How toBecome a Millionaire’ (Direction of Photography)

Gold Ermis Web2008 (financebanners)

‘The Old Year is Gone’ (Direction of Photography)

Silver ErmisDirect 2008 (Interactive Marketing)

Bronze ErmisWeb (Viralcampaigns)

‘VichyHomme’ (Direction of Photography)

Gold Ermis Web2008 (FMCGwebsites & microsites)

Bronze ErmisWeb 2008 (Others)

‘Livefeeds2.0’  ‘Livefeeds 3’
 (Direction of Photography)

Bronze ErmisDirect 2008 (Marketing)

‘Money at theMoment’
(Direction of Photography)

Grang ErmisAward – Web

3 Gold ErmisAwards ( Web -Viral Campaigns , Finance , Direct -Interactive Marketing)

Silver  Ermis Award 2008 (integrated campaigns)

‘Unitas’ (Camera)

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2008

London Greek Film Festival 2008

‘The Cup’  (Camera)

Best Student Film  - 29th short Film Festival ofDrama,

 E.T.E.K.T. Award

Ministry of Culture State FIlm Award 2006

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